Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman is a writer and editor covering science, technology, and business and the intersection of the three.

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Elevation D.C.

Paddle power: one writer discovers a new side of the Anacostia

You've probably never paddled down the Anacostia River. Here's D.C's river in a whole new light.

National Geographic

Pictures: Fire Ant Swarms Form Living Life Rafts

When a fire ant colony is flooded, the bugs use their natural buoyancy to form life rafts that can last for weeks, a new study shows.

National Geographic

New Planet May Be Among Most Earthlike—Weather Permitting

An alien world 36 light-years away may be one of the most Earthlike known—if it has enough clouds, a new study predicts.


Speech Synthesizer Could 'Resurrect' Dead Singers

In a few years, you could be listening to an album of new songs featuring a duet between Elvis and Kurt Cobain. No, the two never cut a reco...


Texas Business School Teaching Door-to-Door Sales

Grad students in Texas study entrepreneurship--and learn some tough lessons about sales.

National Geographic

Astronauts Walk on "Mars," Start Experiments

After months of simulated space travel, three astronauts have ventured into a darkened, sand-filed room designed to look like Mars.